Nissan-Quick-ChargerThe BVRLA wants the fleet industry make even greater strides in reducing carbon by using more plug-in cars and vans.

The association recently held a joint workshop with the Energy Saving Trust (EST) to brief members on the results of the EST’s Plugged-in-Fleets Initiative (PIFI), which gave 20 UK fleets a cost-benefit analysis of whether electric vehicles could work for them.

EST has now been awarded government funding to undertake a further 100 PIFI audits and the BVRLA is sure that the rental and leasing industry will participate, either directly or by putting their customers forward.

John Lewis, chief executive of the BVRLA, said: “We welcome the publication of the first PIFI report, which has been produced by the EST’s fleet industry experts and provides the most robust guide yet to real-world plug-in vehicle running costs.

“It is really encouraging to hear that, even with high list prices…

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