One of the questions we often receive is, “Does the Sunray Solar Canopy really work?” Solar power is so popular and widespread now, isn’t it? Well, perhaps for homes and other buildings, but for some reason when it comes to a golf cart, people doubt its efficacy. Even with the Sunray Solar Canopy’s popularity and the decrease it has seen in cost, there are still many people who remain unconvinced. The answer is of course, “YES, it works! And incredibly well!” because it not only recharges your batteries but also extends their life! The combined savings from batteries, towing costs from running out of charge, service calls and power bills will easily pay for your solar charger over time (and a relatively short time at that!).

Battery Basics

The lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead, lead oxide, and various other elements along with a solution of roughly 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water. This solution is called “electrolyte” which causes a chemical reaction that produces electrons. When a battery is tested with a hydrometer, the gauge measures the amount of sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. If the reading is low, that means that the amount of sulfuric acid available in the solution to produce electrons is deficient. At this point, sulfur from the sulfuric acid component of the electrolyte adheres to the battery plates. Charging the battery with a charger releases the sulfur that adheres to the battery plates back into the electrolyte and restarts the chemical process that allows the battery to accept and store a charge

How Does Solar Charging Affect Your Batteries

One of the key parameters of battery operation is the specific gravity of the electrolyte. This is rather complicated and technical, but here goes: Specific gravity is the ratio of the weight of a solution to the weight of an equal volume of water at a specified temperature. Specific gravity is used as a key indicator of the state of charge of a battery. Proper charging maintains specific gravity levels to create the chemical conditions inside of the battery that yield the best performance. The table below illustrates this concept:

State of Charge

Specific Gravity

Voltage 12V

Voltage 6V


1.265 minimum



















Sulfation and Battery Life

Another key point to understand is sulfation. Sulfation hardens the plates inside the battery, reducing and eventually destroying their ability to generate volts and amps. This is obviously a bad thing and this process begins when the specific gravity of the battery falls below 1.225 or its voltage measures less than 12.4 (for a 12 volt battery) or 6.2 (for a 6 volt battery) The management of specific gravity is the single most important factor in reducing sulfation. It is also the most important variable in determining how long the battery can yield effective energy as it discharges and its overall longevity. In short, the better specific gravity is managed, the greater day-to-day productivity and lower overall costs associated with having to replace batteries more frequently.

The Solar Answer to the Problem of Sulfation

One of the keys to the best battery performance is bringing batteries up to the proper specific gravity levels as recommended by battery manufacturers and keeping them there. Eco Trans Alliance, LLC manufactures the Sunray Solar Canopy that can consistently maintain a high level of charge(1). Our Sunray Solar Canopy significantly reduces sulfation, which is a primary cause of premature battery failure, by maintaining the charge the battery’s electrolyte and in turn the proper specific gravity level This results in over 25% more discharge time for the customer and a much better service life. The Sunray Solar Canopy provides a very fast recharge time, reaching maximum charge levels in less time due to a lessoned discharged state? This all means longer battery life and results in more money staying in your pocket. With the increase in battery costs and the decrease in solar costs, the question, “Why haven’t you gone solar?” becomes even more relevant.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. If you have any questions, or would like more information on the Sunray Solar Canopy, please contact our exclusive dealer Cruise Car, Inc. 941-929-1630.

The charge maintained by the operation of the solar depends on the exposure to constant sun light and service demanded from the vehicle that depletes energy from the batteries.