Tom Esselman, CEO and President, Institute for the Ages, provided an overview of his organization’s mission and current focus. The world’s rapidly increasing proportion of long-living people—up to five simultaneous generations within families—ushers us all into a historically unprecedented “Aging Age”.

Institute for the Ages serves as a “good listener” to understand the needs of diverse sectors within the population, spanning several generations. By developing trusting relationships within the community, the Institute connects resources that increase meaningful involvement—a key to vitality. This includes partnering with businesses developing new services and products.

Engaging Seniors IMLS Grantphoto (3)

Following an extensive research and selection process, Cruise Car, Inc. was chosen to manufacture a custom tram vehicle to provide tours for visitors who will not disembark to enter the historic buildings. The new tram will offer guided videos of the buildings’ interiors, collection artifacts to touch, amplified sound, three-point seat belts, space for wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.

Actions taken: Cruise Car Inc. completed manufacturing of a custom electric tram with special touring features.

The continuous loop tram implemented in November to transport visitors who desire walking assistance has been extremely well-received.

M6 Shuttle with Wheelchair Holder and Video (2)Lady in cart