Apr. 2, 2013 10:30pm Jason Howerton
The golf cart has generally retained the same design since its inception. Oakley and pro golfer Bubba Watson want to change all that. Enter the BW1, the awesome hovercraft golf cart. The incredible machine, designed by Oakley for Watson, can easily travel on water and would make the bumpy and restrictive golf cart paths optional.


“Golf carts have looked the same, they’ve been the same,” Watson says in a promotional video. “You’ve got to stay 30 yards from the green, you’ve got to stay on the cart path when it’s raining. But let’s have fun. Let’s go through the water hazard, come off the other side, right by the green, put your ball in the hole and then you can drive back across the water hazard. And who doesn’t want to do that?”

Responding to skeptics who questioned the authenticity of the hovercraft, the Yahoo! Sports blog “Devil Ball” noted that the “hovercraft expert” from the video is legit.

If it is an April Fools’ Day joke or a prank, it is a well thought out one.