boston-u-s-mourns-0417-horizontal-galleryI grew up in a small town in NY and have been a devout NY sports fan all my life.  I’ve always looked forward to any game between the NY and Boston teams.  Needless to say, I have always rooted for my team and against the “bad boys from Boston”.  However, I did go to school in New England ( and took some lip about it!) and came to understand the genesis of the fanatical Boston fan. I actually (or secretly) grew to appreciate and respect it as being a natural part of the New England heritage. They say they throw a Red Sox hat on a baby before they cut the cord! Several years ago I bought a home on Cape Cod which only further forced me to watch and understand the true spirit of the Bostonians. There is such great pride in being a Bostonian or New Englander and no one can ever take that heritage away from these wonderful  people I have had the occasion to befriend. Now, if you want to see the spirit of the region, look no further than how our American families in Boston have stepped up to say, “You can’t stop me. Not in my back yard.” At the first hockey game after the marathon,  the Boston fans took over the National anthem and caused goose bumps for everyone who watched them sing our song with so much pride, as if to say, “You can’t break us down. We are stronger than ever.”

That spirit is contagious and has taken over all our hearts across America. I am the President of Cruise Car, Inc., a company that manufactures solar electric vehicles. Just like the sun that generates the electricity to run our vehicles, so does the spirit of the Boston community electrify and power our love for our country and our friends in Boston. We stand with you, Boston. And I’ll always root for you…except when you play the Yankees. From all of us at Cruise Car, we are proud to be Americans and very proud of you!