New analysis indicates that the Chinese passenger vehicle market will see sales of 16.8 million vehicles in 2012. A  newly published report entitled, The Chinese Passenger Vehicle Market 2013-2023 indicates the following: 

“The rapid growth in the Chinese passenger vehicle market is now entering a new phase. Growth is robust but the market is maturing with consumers becoming more brand aware and a ‘two speed’ market is developing. Western brands are growing wherBeeas China’s ‘home grown’ vehicles are not selling as strongly.”

Cruise Car Inc. of Sarasota Florida has positioned itself as a major supplier of low speed All American branded vehicles within this vast market. Known for supplying 5 Star Resorts, Leading Universities, Federal Agencies including all US military Services, Corporate Facilities and Major Theme Parks – Cruise Car has become the low speed electric vehicle of choice by fleet managers worldwide.  Exports to China and Southeast Asia have accelerated as discerning international buyers embrace quality workmanship and this trusted brand when selecting micro transportation solutions. Large upscale resorts continue to be constructed throughout the region and Cruise Cars have become the resort vehicle of choice.