What is the life expectancy of the vehicle?
All of our vehicles have aluminum chassis and fabrication to prevent rust, so vehicles should last at least ten years. Parts such as batteries will need replacing after a few years, but that can be done easily. The US Navy uses Cruise Cars as they find other cars with metal chassis (especially those originating from China) are quick to rust and corrode at coastal bases. Our solar panels will last over twenty years!

How much noise do the cars produce?
The Ritz Carlton in the Caribbean replaced all of their gas carts with Cruise Cars as they are silent and guests stopped complaining about the smell and noise! They operate silent security vehicles, executive runabouts, bellhops, room service carts and now their grounds team has ordered vehicles as they like to begin working before the sun gets hot and do not want to disturb guests. The GM mentioned that this helped with them being awarded a 5 star rating.

Be specific about the required maintenance. What tasks must be performed and how often?
Check the water level in the batteries every 2 weeks. If you have solar, wash the solar roof as needed. If you buy a larger tram (14 passenger), the front end needs greasing every 2 weeks. Properly maintained batteries should last about 3 years…and replacement costs about $600.00- $700.00 at today’s prices. Proper tire pressure needs to be maintained. Carts should neither be abused nor used for unintended purposes.

What warranty is included with new cars?
2 Year Limited Warranty…we have a networked national support team as our vehicles are in use in most states throughout the country (and in over 20 countries). All key parts are interchangeable with other brand name carts found at top golf courses worldwide so long term service is relatively simple. We also stock over $800,000.00 in parts with a 48 hour shipping policy.

If repairs are needed to the vehicles, how do you do this service? Does the warranty include any repairs?
Warranty includes everything and we dispatch our closest service partner to your location, or pay your technician at industry standard rates. Long term, any certified cart mechanic would immediately know how to service our vehicles. If necessary we will provide you with the service dealer near you.

How much emission does the car produce when running in electric mode?

What is the maximum speed of these vehicles?
Standard resort setting is 17mph although we can set the speed to your specifications. We also offer an upgraded motor version that can be set up to 25mph and offers extended driving range and added torque for big hills. Our 2 and 4 passenger standard carts are doing just fine however at NBC/Universal in the Hollywood Hills.

What is the shipping cost to ship cars to the Southern California area from Sarasota FL?
The vehicle shipping range is quite vast depending on the quantity. ,time of year, gas prices, etc. A single vehicle trucked to Hollywood recently cost $1400 to ship, yet a full truck load could cost under $400.00 per vehicle to ship. If the vehicles are heading out of the country, other considerations must be discussed.

What is necessary to charge the car (is a charging station needed or just a charger?) Is that equipment included in the cost of the vehicle?

Each vehicle comes with a standard 110v charger that plugs in anywhere. Upgrade option is to have it built on board (about $300.). For export we offer a 220v option.

How long would it take to charge a car?
This depends on how far down the batteries are run…but overnight is standard. If the vehicle is equipped with solar and travels under 5 miles a day, it will not need to be plugged in…except for once every few weeks to briefly calibrate the batteries.

Can the Cruise Cars be customized to fit most design specifications?
Cruise Car is the biggest and best custom shop manufacturer for such vehicles and all Government agencies constantly ask us to fabricate items to unique specifications. We also have been the primary custom shop for the other major US brand golf carts for several decades. The Cruise Car brand has been promoted for over seven years, and our custom shop has been in operation for over 35 years.

Are leasing options available for any of the Cruise Cars?
Vehicles can be leased if they are designated to remain in the USA. We are also the only company that specializes in showing the customer how to take full advantage of solar tax credits…even if your entity is tax exempt. We just replaced a fleet of over (50) 8 passenger shuttles at the tax exempt Pelican Bay Foundation in Naples Florida and they lowered their costs significantly by benefiting from the credits that offset the solar premium.

How long would it take you to fulfill an order of Cruise Cars?
I would need more information on the specific vehicles, quantities and time of year that the order would be placed. We generally run about 6-8 weeks, but between August and November US government sales ramp up and as they are unpredictable, we warn customers that our timeline can increase when those orders spike. We have become the largest supplier of solar electric vehicles to countless Federal Agencies.

What companies are currently using your Cruise Cars?
Cruise Cars are presently in use at hundreds of locations domestically and in over 20 countries as we continue to expand. Customers include all branches of the military, top resorts, major universities, corporate entities, national parks, amusement parks, airports, tourist destinations, etc. In early 2012, orders were even placed by the Chinese Government for vehicles to patrol Tiananmen Square…as they prefer our premium American made vehicles to those made in their own back yard!

Please share additional information regarding the electric motors:
ADC 48v 3.3 HP set with a high speed code is standard. When building faster than standard 17mph vehicles, we either wind the motors or upgrade to a premium Korean 6hp continuous, 12.5hp peak, 450 amp AC motor.

What is the vehicle´s top speed?
The standard speed is set at about 17MPH. When we build a street legal low speed vehicle, we keep the top speed just under 25mph. For safety reasons we do not set the speed any higher.

Batteries: Number of units per car type and brand/voltage?
Standard battery configuration is (6) 8v ETA batteries (T-875 equivalent). We also can upgrade to (8) 6v Trojan T105 or Trojan T145 if requested. Many of our larger vehicles also offer the option of a complete second set of batteries for extended driving range.

Controller: Type and brand?
1510-5250 Curtis 250 amp is standard controller, 400amp optional. The premium AC motor uses a special 450 amp controller.

What is the recharge time?
Depending on the state of discharge, normal recharge time for completely drained batteries is 7-10 hours with a regular charger.

Are there any extra required elements to add solar to a regular electric golf cart when converting to solar?
Yes, we include all the solar controllers that are needed to properly install this option.

Do cars come with charge indicator for the batteries?
Our standard vehicles come with a charge indicator. Other meters are also available.

What are the materials used in building the vehicle?
All vehicles are built on a premium American made hollow core aluminum chassis and all major fabrication is aluminum to avoid rust. Items such as stake back cages or cargo boxes are also high grade aluminum. The vehicles include some plastic formed components such as the dashboard. The canopies are either plastic or fiberglass depending on model.

How are the seats constructed?
Seats are marine grade durable vinyl over foam rubber with a plastic backing.

What is the shipping packaging?
In North America, we ship the vehicles complete via truck and customers must have a dock to unload or arrange to have roll back tow truck available at delivery. FOB Sarasota Florida. We usually arrange the roll back for them – however they need to let us know that they do not have a loading dock and the price can be figured into the shipping cost.

Planning Ahead:

Cruise Car works with customers to discuss all aspects of creating and operating a successful micro transportation system. As a one stop shop, Cruise Car builds a wide variety of vehicles that meet the needs of specific departments. Each Cruise Car is custom built to order so identifying the parameters is a critical to ensure that vehicles that are well received. Given the many variables of implementing a fleet of vehicles, we suggest contacting Cruise Car to discuss specific transportation needs.

Before calling, we suggest buyers prepare by knowing the following:

The anticipated daily driving distance
The terrain topography – hilly or flat
Climate conditions – temperature, humidity, salt air etc.
Seating preferences
Cargo Capacity Needs
Special shelving needs
Passenger enclosure needs – heaters? fans? AC?
Vehicle Color preference
Preferred driving speed
Custom shelving requirements