Reserve, Swipe and Go…


Fleet Management is no longer a job…it is a science

Managing large fleets of vehicles requires cost management, maintenance control, maximum vehicle utilization and minimum cost overruns.

Cruise Car, the innovator or Solar Electric low speed vehicles is now pleased to offer SKY FLEET, technology designed to help fleet managers track vehicle related usage, expenses, budgets and in some circumstances turn the fleet in to a profit center.

SKY FLEET is a complete system that allows managers to control fleets of vehicles using a powerful yet easy to use tool.

Drivers simply reserve a vehicle online, swipe a card, and with approved credentials – activate a designated vehicle for an allotted time.

This technology follows the same concept as Zip Car or Hertz 24/7™ but is more powerful as it is designed for applications in which cart pooling is needed OR for resort applications for guests.

Corporate / Municipal / University Applications

Under utilized fleets are expensive and can be better managed using SKY FLEET. Pods of gas or electric carts are strategically parked and readily available for use by authorized individuals/employees via a simple reservation system. An employee ID badge serves as the key,  and the powerful system quickly assigns a vehicle as requested.  “On the Go” kiosks are also available for last minute needs. A card swipe on the vehicle activates/deactivates the ignition assuming all credentials are met. Vehicles are allocated and billed by the hour, day, week to the department and the fleet manager sees all vehicle activity via an easy to use online portal.

Resort Applications

Resorts may now offer guests low speed vehicles for personal use within a property.  Guests may charge a cart to a room and have a room key activate a dedicated cart for a set period of time. Many guest will gladly pay a fee to operate a fun LSV vehicle to travel between the beach, pool, spa, restaurant, shops and villa. Each vehicle also has a call button that connects them to the fleet manager.  This unique and exciting program will add to a resorts offering while also allowing for additional revenue.

Skyfleet Dashboard

ReservationOnline Vehicle ReservationsSet up the customizable online vehicle request form for your drivers to use. Featuring automatic error-checking, automated policy enforcement and optional vehicle selection, the average request takes less than 30 seconds.
OptimizationChartFleet Utilization, Optimization, and AssignmentConsult intuitive graphical interfaces which make it quick and easy for even the novice to maximize fleet efficiency. See how your fleet is being utilized at-a-glance. Optimize your fleet and assign vehicles to reservations with the click of a mouse.
workOrderMaintenanceCreate preventative maintenance plans and assign them to vehicles. Quickly create work orders and track the status and costs of the tasks, parts and labor associated with work done on an asset. SkyFleet adapts to both in-house operations, as well as those organizations that outsource to a variety of vendors.
reportsReportsExamine data such as motor pool utilization, vehicle usage, maintenance due, maintenance costs, missing mileage, accident statistics, aging by time or miles, and much more. You decide how you want to filter your reports, how they should be sorted, and whether your data should be exported in Excel or HTML format.
userUsageUser ManagementActivate and manage a user’s profile, permissions (at the site level or across the enterprise), dependents, vehicle usage, and more. New users can register online and your authorized managers can grant them instant access to SKYFLEET over the web. SKYFLEET supports single sign-on and integrates with Active Directory®, SharePoint®, and ERM applications such as Oracle® PeopleSoft.
kioskKey Control and KiosksGive your drivers the ability to check out and check in vehicles with a SKYFLEET key or key-less control system. Grant the privilege of self-checkout to specific drivers, and optionally allow “Grab-and-Go” reservations, giving authorized drivers the ability to self-dispatch an available vehicle “on-the-fly.” Use a kiosk with or without key control, and even lock fuel cards or credit cards in your system along with your keys.