I’m somewhat confused about how solar will power my vehicle.  What are the main benefits of adding solar to my car?
First of all, the solar top will add approximately 5 to 10 miles per day to the traveling range of your vehicle, which is typically 30 to 40 miles on a full charge. The solar top will also increase battery life. This will reduce your operating costs.  There are also many environmental benefits.

How much will a solar top increase battery life?
Life of battery is linked to available battery capacity; end of battery life is when only 20% of capacity remains. Average life of battery without solar is 2 1/2 years. With a solar panel, average life of battery is 3-1/3 years.  Solar panels reduce the drawdown of the battery. Every 1% reduction in drawdown results in increase of 3.3%, with a total calculated battery increased life of 33%.

How much will a solar top reduce operating costs?
With a solar panel, a vehicle that travels 5 miles per day will travel 1825 miles for free per year. The reduction in expenses and carbon emissions reduces overall operating costs of the facility and reduces the carbon footprint of the organization.

What are the environmental benefits?
Solar tops produce no carbon dioxide, so electric vehicles operating on solar power have zero carbon footprint. A typical fossil fuel plant produces about 2,500 lbs. of carbon dioxide for each megawatt hour of electricity. For every 1.0 kilowatt hour of electricity generated by the solar top, (five hours in the sun) nearly 2.5 lbs of carbon dioxide is not released into the atmosphere. Over 365 days, that would be 912 lbs of carbon dioxide not released.

Our future is dependent upon harnessing alternative energy sources. Conscientious consumers will be attracted to business and government locations that have solar technology available. By demonstrating the value of solar, you will educate your family, your community, your employees and your customers on the value of renewable energy. By promoting solar energy technology, you will help make a future that will work for all.

Why should I purchase a solar top from you versus anyone else?
Solar tops, manufactured by Eco Trans Alliance, LLC have more choices, are more powerful and more affordable than the competition.  The solar panels come with a 10-year warranty and a 25-year extended warranty is available.  They are better quality and most often, cost less money.

How much sun does my car need to power the battery in the vehicle?
The amount of sun needed depends on the angle of the sun, the geographic location of the vehicle, the amount of cloud cover, etc.  In general, in full sunlight, we find that that a vehicle will generate 1 kilowatt of power in about five or six hours of sunlight.

What happens if I plug my car in and it is fully charged?   Does it have an automatic shut-off?
Our Solar Top System comes with a charge regulator that automatically stops charging when the batteries are full in order to protect them.

Will the solar top fit any manufacturer’s vehicles?
The solar tops fit most Club Cars, Cruise Cars, E-Z-Go, Yamaha and others.