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Cruise Car is the world’s largest solar golf cart and light utility vehicle manufacturer and the exclusive dealer of the Sunray Solar Canopy.

Cruise Car is recognized as the global industry leader and innovator of Solar Canopy technology for golf carts and low speed vehicles. All Cruise Cars meet strict quality control standards, include only premium components, and are constructed utilizing strong, yet light, corrosive-resistant aluminum.

Cruise Car also offers hundreds of accessories and options that let you customize your golf and utility vehicle to your usage and lifestyle.

Cruise Car is proud to be on the forefront of environmentally responsible Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) technologies. Cruise Car electric vehicles offer a cleaner, quieter alternative to gas without sacrificing performance.

To view our offering for the TXMAS program, please click on one of the below links to download a pdf version of our catalog. Contract number 12-78020 is for non-street legal vehicles (non-registered). Contract number 12-23010 is for street legal low speed vehicles (registrable).

Contract Number: TXMAS-12-78020
Contract Period: through May, 15th 2014
Download TXMAS-12-78020 Price List

Contract Number: TXMAS-12-23010
Contract Period: through June, 23rd 2014
Download TXMAS-12-23010 Price List


To plan an order and receive TXMAS contract pricing choose the option that works best for you.

    • Call one of our Government sales specialists at 941-929-1630
    • Fax your order to 941-355-6470